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Creating NeoSets to Submit to the NeoSets Library

The PreVu / Installer program is 'open-ended' allowing you to add and remove NeoSets as you wish. You can also create your own theme sets to share with others. Anyone handy in graphics can create NeoSets to submit to the Library so that the selection of sets can continue to grow!

The NeoSets Library on the NeoDezign website will contain preview images and and downloads for NeoSets that you create. All NeoSets you create and submit to the Library will display your name beside
your work!

To create NeoSet themes, for use with the the NeoSets PreVu / Installer program, there are some simple guidelines to follow. 

1) The PUB file you create must have any path statements removed from the source of the PUB. Otherwise, "File Not Found" errors will be presented to other users.

(i.e. "PageWallPaper=C:\My Backgrounds\Tile1.JPG" 
should read as "PageWallPaper=Tile1.JPG")
Open your .PUB source with WordPad and use Replace to search for, and remove, any path statements specific to your computer.

2) A screenshot / preview image must accompany the zip. This image should be 320 by 240 pixels in size and be saved in .JPG image file format. The preview image is key in selecting a theme set!  It will also be used as a preview image in the NeoSets Library web pages.

3) The preview image must be named exactly the same as the ZIP it belongs to. 

(i.e. If your preview image is named "OceanVu.JPG", 
your ZIP must be named "OceanVu.ZIP".)
*** Until further notice: 
Both the zip and the preview image must use the 8.3 filename format.  (This is required for the webserver where the library will reside)

  8 filename characters 
   3 extension characters = "filename.ext"

I would highly recommend that you use the .JPG image file format for your background images. The filesize is much smaller and, in turn, will make your .ZIP file smaller for faster downloads and also save server disk space.  However, if you find that the lossy compression of .JPG butchers your clean image, (which it sometimes does), other NeoBook compatible image formats will be fine, of course.

Please keep sound files to a minimum. 

You may want to include a Readme.txt file in your ZIP so that you can describe your NeoSet and take credit for your handiwork!

* Objectionable and Offensive material WILL NOT be published!

Attach your NeoSet Zip to an email
and send to the following address:

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