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You know that cool looking latch on Netscape Communicator that tucks the toolbar away? You can make one for your Neo-App! 

Now, it probably does depend on what your app is but if it suits your project and you want to offer your end-users a larger working area it's not hard to do. (actually, any excuse will do for a cool looking toolbar!)  ;)

First, make your toolbar. Using the Button tool draw your toolbar panels across your page. Unless you disable these buttons they will be clickable so, use the Rectangle tool to draw Hollow rectangles with Line Width None over the top of the buttons. Place the verticle latch image on top of the toolbar then an invisible Button on top of that. Make the Button Action "GotoNextPage".

Make two small images that will serve as the latches. One verticle for the latch down/toolbar shown and another horizontal for the latch up/toolbar hidden. 

Once you have the page looking exactly the way you want it mouse down to the Page Tabs, right-click on your page and select Copy Page. This new page will be for the toolbar in it's hidden state.

Now, go to the new page, delete the latch and all the toolbar buttonz. Slide the bottom of the toolbar panel upward until it is just a thin line. Resize any other objects on your page to accommodate the additional space. Place the horizontal latch image on top of the thin toolbar button.  Create another invisble button on top of the latch image. Make the Button Action "GotoPrevPage".

That's it... Run it and you should now have a hide-away toolbar just like the big boyz.

Download this example