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NeoBook 4 Resource Area
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. Welcome to the 
NeoBook 4 Resource Area 

The information found here is, for the most-part, specific to NeoBook 4.  For version 3.2 PUBz, go to the PUBz3 Area.

NeoBook 4 has evolved into quite a powerful tool for developing 32-bit Windows applications, electronic books and presentations. Struggling with Visual Basic or C++? NeoBook just may be the answer you've been looking for. The easy to learn scripting language makes NeoBook 4 a whole lot more than just a great MultiMedia authoring tool. Now take into consideration the new NeoBook 4 PlugIn facilities and the possiblilities seem endless. 

NeoBase 2
Looking for the NeoBase 2 Database wizard utility?

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Visit the NEW NeoDezign website for NeoBook 5 Plug-Ins and Utilities

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