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NeoBook 4 PUBz and Source Code
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. These PUB files are specific to NeoBook 4. They will not open in previous versions of NeoBook. For version 3.2 PUBz, go to the PUBz3 Area.

The Pub files listed here are free for the taking. They are merely examples and are not intended as finished products. Use your imagination and ingenuity to expand on them turning them into your NeoApps!

  • Bounce: Demonstrates how to bounce images around inside a PUB. Great for making your own bounce screen saver!

  • Add/Remove List: Demonstration of the ListBox used to create an Add/Remove to another ListBox. Results are stored in another variable for use in other objects and routines.
  • AlphaIndex List: ListBox example demonstrating an alphabetical index. A-Z buttons read-in only the data for the letter-button pressed.
  • Work List: ListBox example demonstrating a way to open, save and process a list of filenames.
  • FillBar Dialog: Simulates a dialog box and fillbar utilizing Show/Hide and SizeObject.
  • Mini-E: An e-mail sender program demonstrating some e-mail sending possibilities with NeoBook 4. This example is made in the likeness of a conventional e-mail app but same concept could be applied to other forms.
  • Move with Keys: Move an object around on the screen with the arrow keys.
  • Spin Pic: Demonstrates how to simulate the spinning of a picture object on a center axis.
  • ...more to follow

If you have ideas, source code or PUBs that you would like to share with others via the NeoDezign website send it to me attached to an e-mail. Your work will be credited with your name beside the description and link...
Thanx - Jim