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NeoBook 4 PUBz and Source Code
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. These PUB files are specific to NeoBook 4. They will not open in previous versions of NeoBook. For version 3.2 PUBz, go to the PUBz3 Area.

The Pub files listed here are free for the taking. They are merely examples and are not intended as finished products. Use your imagination and ingenuity to expand on them turning them into your NeoApps!

  • Bounce: Demonstrates how to bounce images around inside a PUB. Great for making your own bounce screen saver.

  • Add/Remove List: Demonstration of the ListBox used to create an Add/Remove to another ListBox. Results are stored in another variable for use in other objects and routines.
  • AlphaIndex List: ListBox example demonstrating an alphabetical index. A-Z buttons read-in only the data for the letter-button pressed.
  • Work List: ListBox example demonstrating a way to open, save and process a list of filenames.
  • FillBar Dialog: Simulates a dialog box and fillbar utilizing Show/Hide and SizeObject.
  • Mini-E: An e-mail sender program demonstrating some e-mail sending possibilities with NeoBook 4. This example is made in the likeness of a conventional e-mail app but same concept could be applied to other forms.
  • Move with Keys: Move an object around on the screen with the arrow keys.
  • Spin Pic: Demonstrates how to simulate the spinning of a picture object on a center axis.
  • 360o: Panoramic-style pictures without a Plug-In or Web Browser by Jose Rodrigues
  • Julian Date Conversion: Allows you to check the number of days lapsed between two dates. Useful for creating a timed evaluation. by Ronnie
  • NeoRacer: A really cool PUB that demonstrates how NeoBook 4 can be used for creating games. by Jose Rodrigues
  • NeoJackpot: Another neat game  by Jose Rodrigues demonstrating some fancy image swapping using Random numbers. Hey! I won $30! 
  • Bird Shoot : This PUB, created by Gary Duguay, demonstrates NeoBook's ability to create fast arcade-style games with collision detection. A lot can be learned from Gary's lean and efficient coding.
  • DragDrop : Drag and Drop an object onto a Drop Zone. The only editing required would be to change the names of each object to be dragged.
  • MouseTrap : Confine the mouse to whatever object you specify. Function file included. 
  • Thumbnailz : Thumbnail viewer without a plugin. Three different examples.
  • Horizontal Scroller : Scroll text from right to left across Pub. Very little editing required.
  • Fader MessageBox : Place a rectangle object anywhere, any size on your page. Name it FaderArea.  Messages appear wherever rectangle is placed. Easy to configure and use.
  • Move a Dialog Box : Simulate Moving a Simulated Dialog Box. 
  • Outline Tree Menu : Capture parameters from Web Browser object and act upon them. This demo uses David Griffith's OUTLINE.CLASS java applet.
  • Web Base : Capturing and parsing parameters from Web Browser object to make simple database.
  • BarGraph Charts : Graphing example by Gerhard McKropf 
  • Resize : Click to Drag Window corner to new size. Article object resizes to fit new window dimensions. (demo uses "Windows\Hardware.txt")
  • Extract URLs : This routine will scan an HMTL file looking for "a href" and extract the URLs adding them to a ListBox.
  • Tray Menu Workaround : Need a custom menu for a SystemTray compiled program? Have a look at this sample for a possibility.
  • Web Browser Plug-In Installer : This is a sample Pub that shows one way to make a custom setup for your "WebBrowser Plug-In" compiled NeoBook publication. Installs "NBActiveX.OCX" and your ".PKG" file on the end users system. Optionally launches IE's Internet Security Settings if you need it to.
  • Taskbar Show-Hide : Shows how to make your own Auto-Hide toolbar.
  • ...more to follow

Visit the NEW NeoDezign website for NeoBook 5 Plug-Ins and Utilities

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