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 NeoDezign Dialogz - AddOn for NeoBook for Windows

///// NeoDezign Dialogz /////////////////////////

The NeoDezign Dialogz Add-On includes the following functions.

Lots of useful Functions!

 * File_Open
 * File_Save (3/22/2000)
 * FolderBrowse
 * ListBox
 * AskInput
 * PwdBox (updated)
 * EncryptLine * New : 3/16/2000 *
 * DecryptLine * New : 3/16/2000 *
 * AskYN
 * MsgBox0
 * MsgBox1
 * MsgBox2
 * RunBox
 * FileShortName
 * FileLongName (3/17/2000)
 * FolderMake
 * FolderExist
 * FolderRename
 * FolderDelete
 * MakeShortCut
 * Logout
 * ReBoot
 * ShutDown
 * ShellExec
 * SysKeyz 1 (disable Ctrl+Alt+Del, Alt+Tab, Alt+Esc)
 * SysKeyz 0 (re-enable keys disabled by SysKeyz 1)
 * RunHidden (run an application hidden)
 * RunMini
 * RunMaxi
 * Wall_Paper
 * Scrn2BMP (screen capture / save to BMP)
 * Scrn2WallPaper (screen capture / make wallpaper)
 * GetHelp (context sensitive call to HLP files)
 * HideWindow
 * ShowWindow
 * TitleWindow (rename the titlebar of a window)
 * CloseWindow
 * CenterWindow * New : 3/15/2000 *
 * File_List (writes a sorted list of filenames of a given folder to a file) 
 * AlphaSort (sorts an existing external ASCII file) 
 * File_Delete (del one or all files in a folder) 
 * Ini_Read * New : 3/16/2000 *
 * IniWrite * New : 3/16/2000 *
 * SysTray  * New : 3/16/2000 * (Run a program in the SystemTray!)

 * ImgBrowser.exe (thumbnail preview of images in a given folder)

Currently, NeoBook uses DDE to communicate parameters to an Add-On and user choices back to your NeoBook application. For some Add-Ons this can be a time consuming task. 

NeoDezign Dialogz tackles this problem from a different angle. These dialogs use commandline parameters to transfer info to the dialog and then the Windows Clipboard to send the user selected results back to NeoBook. While this process may not work best for every situation it does offer an alternative to DDE Add-Ons. Consider it a trade-off for a fast external. Use it at your own discretion. If you decide to use it, I'm sure you'll be more than pleased with the speed!!!


Before you begin:
Make sure that the Add-On "ndzn.exe" and the .DLL file "Wbdbt32i.dll" is in the same folder as your NeoBook PUB or compiled publication. The .DLL may also be placed in the Windows directory (or anywhere in your "PATH") for use by all NeoBook programs you make that uses this Add-On.

Begin scripting:
Make a BACKUP copy of the information in the Clipboard using the SetVar command. The contents of [Clipboard] is placed into the variable [Temp].

  SetVar "[Temp]" "[Clipboard]"

Decide what you want the Add-On to do. For the File_Open dialog let's assume you want to open .BMP files. Enclose these parameters inside 'single quotes'.

'File_Open' 'BitMap Images|*.bmp'

Next, launch the external program "ndzn.exe" using NeoBook's DOSCommand. Place the parameters shown above in the... you guessed it, the Parameters box of the Define DOSCommand dialog. To prevent the external from being run multiple times checkmark "Do not run more than one copy of this Application at a time" and "Wait for Application to close before continuing". 

  DOSCommand "[PubDir]ndzn.exe" "'File_Open' 'BitMap Images|*.bmp'" "Wait+RunOnce"

After the dialog has completed it's task, use the SetVar command to move the data from the Clipboard into your own variable.

  SetVar "[My_Variable]" "[Clipboard]"

Lastly, restore the backup information to the Clipboard

  SetVar "[Clipboard]" "[Temp]"

All of this takes place so quickly that the user will probably not even notice that the Clipboard was used for the process.

=== File_Open ========================================================

Tell the File_Open dialog what file types to display like this...

'File_Open' 'All Files|*.*|Executables|*.exe|Images|*.bmp;*.gif;*.jpg|Text Files|*.txt|'

>>>NOTE<<< Edit the file types as you see fit but make CERTAIN that 
the file type line is closed with a pipe "|" symbol at the end!

  Sample NeoBook CommandSet:

SetVar "[Temp]" "[Clipboard]"
DOSCommand "[PubDir]ndzn.exe" "'File_Open' 'All Files|*.*|Executables|*.exe|Images|*.bmp;*.gif;*.jpg|Text Files|*.txt|'" "Wait+RunOnce"
SetVar "[My_Variable]" "[Clipboard]"
SetVar "[Clipboard]" "[Temp]"

=== FolderBrowse =====================================================

Tell the FolderBrowse which folder to begin browsing from...

'FolderBrowse' 'C:\Windows'

...or leave it blank to start at the root of "My Computer".


  Sample NeoBook CommandSet:

SetVar "[Temp]" "[Clipboard]"
DOSCommand "[PubDir]ndzn.exe" "'FolderBrowse' 'C:\Windows'" "Wait+RunOnce"
. or DOSCommand "[PubDir]ndzn.exe" "FolderBrowse" "Wait+RunOnce"
SetVar "[My_Variable]" "[Clipboard]"
SetVar "[Clipboard]" "[Temp]"

=== ListBox ==========================================================

Tell the ListBox which folder and file type to list and a Window Title.

'ListBox' 'C:\Windows\*.ini' 'Window Title'

  Sample NeoBook CommandSet:

SetVar "[Temp]" "[Clipboard]"
DOSCommand "[PubDir]ndzn.exe" "'ListBox' 'C:\Windows\*.ini' 'Select an INI file'" "Wait+RunOnce"
SetVar "[My_Variable]" "[Clipboard]"
SetVar "[Clipboard]" "[Temp]"

=== PwdBox ==========================================================


  Sample NeoBook CommandSet:

SetVar "[Temp]" "[Clipboard]"
DOSCommand "[PubDir]ndzn.exe" "'PwdBox' 'Password Required' 'Please enter your password'" "Wait+RunOnce"
SetVar "[My_Variable]" "[Clipboard]"
SetVar "[Clipboard]" "[Temp]"

=== Wall_Paper ========================================================

Tell the Add-On what file to set as WallPaper...

'Wall_Paper' 'C:\Windows\Clouds.BMP'

  Sample NeoBook CommandSet:

SetVar "[Temp]" "[Clipboard]"
DOSCommand "[PubDir]ndzn.exe" "'Wall_Paper' 'C:\Windows\Clouds.BMP" "Wait+RunOnce"
SetVar "[My_Variable]" "[Clipboard]"
SetVar "[Clipboard]" "[Temp]"

I could go on with the rest of the functions but I think you get the idea. To use these functions in your PUB Copy & Paste the command buttons from the Example.PUB file included in this zip.

Instructions for each function are remarked inside the Action Command for each button. 



v1) Began in mid '98 using DDE to pass and recieve parameters but found that, just 
like most Add-Ons it was far too slow. Shelved the project...

v2) Started passing parameters to the Add-On with the Clipboard and WOW!
Talk about SPEED! Still shelved. I thought, "Who would want it?"

v3) Decided against using the Clipboard so much. Re-wrote the whole thing
again from scratch to use commandline parameters to pass info to the 
Add-On. Still uses the Clipboard to recieve to maintain speed. Added 
more functions, (ListBox, PwdBox, Wall_Paper).

v4) Added 32 more functions!

v5) Added Encryption, IniRead/Write, SysTray, CenterWindow, 
FileLongName and cleaned up a few routines.



While NeoDezign Dialogz is in Beta make sure to check back in at 
the NeoDezign website to keep informed of changes and updates.

Please notify me if you encounter problems with this software!

Visit the NeoDezign Web Site and the Neo-Talk BBS.

=== Disclaimer ==================================================

NeoDezign Software is provided as-is without any warranties 
expressed or implied. NeoDezign and Jim Brammer cannot, and will 
not be held resposible for damages to your computer(s) and/or it's 
data while you use this product. Should the Software prove to be 
defective, you and not the Author assume the entire cost of any 
service and repair. Installation and Use of this software is 
indication that you agree to these terms.


Download Dialogz


NeoDezign Dialogz are Extensible!
NeoDezign Dialogz have their own extensions that further expand their usefulness!
  • Shell Operations Extension:
ShellOps is a group of 5 functions, 3 of which activate Windows File Management commands and display the animated dialogs for those commands. For example, if you use the "opsFile_Copy" command you will see the Windows FileCopy animation of files floating from folder to folder...

Download ShellOps

  • ZipIt/UnZipIt Extension

ZiptIt adds Zip and UnZip functions to NeoDezign Dialogz and your NeoBook application...

Download ZipIt

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