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Unregistered User
(9/14/99 5:38:43 pm)
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Using HTML pages from within a Pub file.
I discoverd quite by accident, that you can use Neobook to view .htm pages from within a .pub file or compiled program. Using the Internet Link it's possible. You may have known this already, but I didn't, so I think others might not know either.

Here is the command: InternetLink "[PubDir]yourfile.htm"

It will not bring up the page if you test it, but after you click OK and run the .pub it works.

I brought this up with Jim and he agreed that it was worth putting something about it in the Tips & Tricks Area, so look for something more about it there.

Jim Brammer 
(9/15/99 6:51:29 am)
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Re: Using HTML pages from within a Pub file.
I thought it might be a good idea to go ahead make this a Tip because even though some people know, there might be others that don't.

I have used this to make Help files before. I needed to show a procedure in the help file with a short animation. So, I made the help pages in HTML, an animated GIF then, InternetLink-ed to it from my program. It worked out quite nicely. In this day and age, if you have a computer - you *better* have a web browser! (or people might look at you funny ;-)

Jim Brammer * *

John Ohrn 
Global user
(9/15/99 8:54:54 am)
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Re: Using HTML pages from within a Pub file.
I used this for help files too... very handy!

- John Ohrn -- -- -- ICQ: 11023833

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