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Unregistered User
(10/9/99 9:28:11 am)
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Help for a Newbie - CBT functions
Hi All,
between all the hubbub of new suggestions for Neobook, I was hoping for a easy walkthrough of doing a task in Neobook. I would like to have various question pages, give a pop up response to correct/incorrect response, write progress
to a file (that someone can come back to) and when complete, display this file and print the test results or e-mail them to an administrator.

I love Neobook due to it's simplicity, but I know the things I want to do require a good handle on scripting and I'm not up to the task - yet. Any help, demo PUBS or suggestions greatly appreciated.

I do agree with some posts here, Neobook has SUCH potential to capture the non-programmer Multimedia/CBT market if they improve their options/functions (Database/CBT/Internet), provide more "Wizards" and support things like OCX/DLLs.

Still a great, easy to use program - I just want to do more with it, would appreciate suggestions from veteran users.

Troy McDonald
Unregistered User
(10/9/99 5:44:01 pm)
Creating NeoBook CBT
Hi Kurt,

The easiest way to start using NeoBook to create CBT is to open the in
the "samples" directory that comes with every
NeoBook program. Check out the scripts and
code behind the buttons and pages, and you'll
get an idea about how to create and score
multiple choice questions.

Creating good CBT is an art form. The programming that goes behind scoring the
questions and testing is the easy part. The hard part is creating the courses that the
user goes through before they take the
tests. You have to make the courses interesting
using graphics, text, animation, sound and

I have found that the best way to create good
CBT programs is to create a few yourself and
look at other CBT programs. Whenever I see a
CBT program I always disect it and see what
makes it effective or ineffective. It helps if
you have a good story-telling background when
creating CBT.

Good Luck,


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