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Global user
(10/28/99 8:16:37 am)
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autorun.inf frustrations
I've created a huge presentation in PowerPoint that I want to burn onto a CD. Along with a million other people, I'd really like to utilize the Autorun feature in Windows. I combed the web and found the syntax, but when I try to use it, my computer always asked for bogus executable files. My first question is: Will "open=whatever.pps" work, or does this statement only work with .exe files? My second question is: Why is my computer asking for files like TABLE.exe and AIR.exe? Can this be corrected? I've tried your tips in the Tips and Trix section, but I can't a floppy to work either. Anyway, I'll show you what I have.

open=table of contents.pps

Thanks a ton for any information you might be able to provide. I really appreciate it.


Unregistered User
(10/29/99 8:46:48 am)
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why use @#%$

its a shame ,a really bad
here we use Neobook.


Jim Brammer 
(10/29/99 5:41:03 pm)
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Re: autorun.inf frustrations
I don't think that...

open=table of contents.pps going to work. My guess is you'll need a cd front-end executable. This exe would run the PowerPoint Viewer program and open the .PPT file you're asking for.


If you were trying to use your example on the floppy autorun it wouldn't work. Start an executable and it'll work.

Jim Brammer * *

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