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Giorgio Lazzari
Unregistered User
(10/21/99 3:46:43 am)
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Neobook & VB
Hi all neobookers

A question from a Neobook beginner..
Is possible to transfer the value of a Neobook variable in a VB application ?
If yes is there an example on the web of this ?

sorry for my english and for the question maybe confused :-) Giorgio Lazzari

Global user
(10/21/99 6:44:03 am)
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Yes there is
There is away, you have to use DCOM, however it is not so simple. An easier way would be to write the value of the variable to a txt file, and get neobook to read of it

Jim Brammer 
(10/21/99 10:30:49 am)
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Re: Neobook & VB

Official AddOn Development DOC from NeoSoft:

Jim Brammer * *

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