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Unregistered User
(10/17/99 10:41:28 am)
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Using external bitmaps in compl pubs
I need help in following job:

I have to use external images that added after i compiled my pub. As I think neobook creates an internal file systeem in the compiled exe file. I use the popupimage command because I do not want to display images in titled window (like Imagewindow). Is ther any way in neobook to use external image files fron a compiled pub? How?

Jim Brammer 
(10/17/99 10:58:25 am)
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Re: Using external bitmaps in compl pubs
NeoBook doesn't do this without an add-on... yet.

Michel Wittmer's MW Tools and NeoXpander add-on's have the ability to display external bitmaps.

Good Luck!

Jim Brammer * *

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