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John Ohrn 
Global user
( 9/28/99 10:23:35 pm )
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ICQ Functionality
Hi, I figured out a way for NeoBook to send instant ICQ messages! It's very simple:

You will need 3 user input fields; one where a user can type in the ICQ number that they want to send a message to, another where the user can type in the message subject, and another where the user can type in the message. You will, of course, also need a SEND button.

In the send button, make an InternetLink that looks like this:

InternetLink "[icqnumber][subject]&body=[body]"

Make sure your variables are in the right spot! Now when the user types in the data, and clicks the SEND button, a new e-mail will pop up, and they just have to send it from the e-mail client (unless you have nGear, where you can send ir right out of NeoBook).

How does it work?
Everybody on ICQ has a special e-mail address where any web user who doesn't have ICQ can send instant messages! It is sent as an e-mail, and received as an instant ICQ message! The address is just the ICQ number before "". Mine would be:

This is really cool if you have nGear, because then the user doesn't have to send it out of their e-mail client. Anyway, I haven't found out how to receive messages, but I probably NEVER will either.

- John Ohrn -- -- -- ICQ: 11023833

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