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Troy McDonald
Unregistered User
(9/1/99 2:46:49 pm)
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NeoSoftware Reponds...
This post is to keep everyone updated and to get you to write into NeoBook Suport - NOW! :) (Let them know what you want!)

I sent this e-mail last night (and I will have more for them.) (Dave's reply is first.)

Hello Troy,

Thank you for your kind words about NeoBook and thank you for your excellent
suggestions. We're working on the next update now and your list will be very
helpful. Please feel free to send us more suggestions if you have them. We
probably won't be able to add everything, but we're going to try and tackle
as much as we can.

Thanks again for your support.


Dave Riley
NeoSoft Corporation
P.O. Box 5667
Bend, Oregon 97708-5667
Voice: 541-389-5489
Fax: 541-388-8221
Web Site:
-----Original Message-----
From: Troy McDonald
Date: Tuesday, August 31, 1999 10:50 PM
Subject: Now that NeoBook PRO is on the operating table...

>Hello NeoSoftware,
>I've sent a list in the past and even helped to contribute to the wish list
>found at for
>items/functions to be added to NeoBook PRO.
>But before I show you my list again. Let me thank you guys for making a
>really nice and "easy to use" program. I'm extremely excited to see a "10"
>rated program go off the chart (with the new additions.)
>(I'm tired of buying "add-ons", especially companies that rip you off
>Here's what I'd like to see:
>- File open/save dialog box.
>- No desire for "add-ons" so things execute "faster" (as fast as possible.)
>- E-mail send/receive.
> Be able to read and act upon the subject line, "to" address, etc.
>- Built in FTP functions.
>- HTTP Post function. (Be able to POST to a web form from NeoBook.)
>- Link from text file to a page within NeoBook application.
>- Support for GIF (animated).
>- MP3 support, play, stop, rewind, volume, etc.
>- Action Command for 'Mouse-Over', 'Mouse-Down' and 'Mouse-Up'.
>- Truly sizable windows - without scrollbars.
>- Transitions for Individual Objects on a Page (Fly-in, Spiral, Swivel,
>Scroll, etc.) for buttons, text, images and animations.
>- Allow ^U[variable]^u to work. Right now it won't underline a variable. It
>probably doesn't do ^B^b either, etc.
>- Smart Compiling - Only save the functions that are needed, thus making
>compiled pubs. small/tight.
>- Ability to set/change image size with a variable. (A GIF image can then
>be used to make bar charts, etc.)
>These are just a few off the top of my head (since it's 11:51 p.m. :)
>I do recommend that you do take a look at the web site mentioned above, I
>know it contains requests by more than a few active NeoBook programmers.
>I'll probably be writing again.
>Thanks you guys,
>Troy McDonald

Unregistered User
(9/3/99 10:56:11 am)
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Yeah.. they better start improving on the updates!

Yeah.. it's been quite some time since I last heard from NeoSoft directly. As many NeoBookers have 'ventured' beyond NeoBook in search for better alternatives, I think Dave and his gang at NeoSoft needs to really identify what the current trend is, and what their competitors are providing.

Examples of a dozen features like:
1. Showing/hiding of multiple images on a single page;
2. WebCam support for Internet/Video Conferencing style;
3. Grouping of object elements;
4. Relative positioning of video window coordinates, especially when project is run at different display resolutions;
5. Basic charting facilities like PIE, BAR, LINE... so that NBK can be used to design interactive quizzes, and the charts would be useful as visual components for the answers.
6. Better sprite (cartoon) animation flight path
7. Better transparent/alpha tranparency effect
8. Command to manipulate image real-time from project
9. Loading of external GIF/JPEG and other images
10. Of course... HTML which should resolve many issues..
11. Embedded sound clips
12. Real DLL support

And lots more. Most of us do agree NBK is still the robust preferred tool.. but Dave should tell us what's in store.. so that we are not caught up with the MILLENIUM NBK DROUGHT - last year was really dry.. hope 1999 would set the trend for a better Y2000 NBK. Hmm.. who knows.. the new upgrade may jolly be called as 'NeoBook Professional 2000'.


Troy McDonald
Local user
(9/3/99 1:16:47 pm)
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Re: Yeah.. they better start improving on the updates!

I agree, but number one rule....


Don't let your suggestions and ideas just be a post on this board. :)

They need to know. And like Jim and I discussed, ALL READERS OF THIS BOARD NEED TO WRITE SUPPORT NOW..NOW..NOW !

Support/NeoSoftware needs to know the "seriousness" of our desires.

And last but not least, if "anyone" complains and doesn't write NeoSoftware, deserves a boot to the head and should not cry about lack of features....


Jim Brammer 
(9/6/99 9:04:31 pm)
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Re: Yeah.. they better start improving on the updates!
Hello Ronnie! Long time...

You have some great suggestions here. I added some of them to the Suggestions page already. I am somewhat vague on a few of them though and wonder if you could go into greater detail about each so that I can post them too. If you would, please describe how you would use the feature...

3. Grouping of object elements;
4. Relative positioning of video window coordinates, especially when project is run at different display resolutions;
8. Command to manipulate image real-time from project

And lots more. <-- Please give me as many suggestions as you have. I'm sure the suggestion list looks like it is full already but, when compared to some of the features found in the competition, it's not even close to full!

Thanx Ronnie!

Jim Brammer * *

Unregistered User
(9/7/99 1:15:49 am)
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To elaborate more

Sending individual mails to NeoSoft may do more harm than good - they will treat it as a nuisance mail and if you have some good points in your mail, they may skipped it whenever they see your name as the sender. I don't know - but the same message "thank you blah..blah.." looks to me like a standard answer.

I personally feel that in this case, we should all consolidate our wishlist here so that Jim can act as our official representative to forward our demand for better features in the next upgrade. Dave and his gang should seriously consider looking at all wishlist and determine whether they still want to receive a '5-star' awards from Zdnet or not, for their next upgrade. What this means is that they have to 'emulate' most, if not all known and popular features found in cheaper alternatives; and to add more features for better appeal. Dave can always send me a mail if they want interesting ideas.

To elaborate more on my wishlist:

1. Showing/hiding of images and text. Multiple images can be place on a single page, and depending on action scripts or user interaction, these images can be shown/hidden appropriately. This minimises the need for multiple pages and linking. And if the 'mouse action' function is enhanced, it can be used to display any images/text anywhere else other than the button area; when a mouse is on top of the button area.

2. With WebCam support, user can use NeoBook to create Internet-enabled multimedia kiosk. And add TWAIN support.. NBK users can now use NeoBook to develop 'photo-sticker' or 'photo-badge printing software!!!

3. Grouping of elements. Say, I have on a page showing different elements like images, text, AVI and animated GIFs (practically any objects, including sound!!). These elements can be GROUPED into a single object name. With the SHOW command, it will display all elements under the GROUP immediately. Currently, the way NeoBook functions to display elements are executed sequentially one at a time, and the slow effect can be seen on a slower PC. In a way, better synchronization of displayed objects. A simple concept is like a PAPERDOLL project where you have an image of a boy. At the side, you have a SHIRT, PANTS, HATS icon, which when clicked, will displayed further images. Say, I clicked at the SHIRT icon.. and it display a list of different shirts. Say I like the Hawaiian short..and click it. Immediately on the left, I can see the boy 'wearing' the shirt and the boy saying 'COOL.. ALOHA'

4. Relative positioning. As most of you are aware of, I'm using NBK to do kiosk demo, and I uses lots of DVD clips. Currently, the demo is done in 800x600, and I used the MCICommand to display the video clip at a pre-defined coordinates. When run (at 800x600), the video clips is displayed within the defined area. However, if the playback system is set to 1024x768, the screen will be centralized, but the video will be displayed at absolute area.. which means in many cases, the video is shown on the left top... yak! Forcing users to set it to 800x600 can be done... but many users are reluctant to switch to 800x600 just to view the demo.. and switch back to 1024 after that.

5. With current trend in many multimedia authoring tool providing image enhancement functions (rotate, skew, flip, embossed, hue, etc), NBK users can make use of such features for better application-type of projects, rather than simply a multimedia slideshow. Hm.. imagine using NBK to develop coloring book, phot albums, and other creative projects. Simply put, incorporate some of the NeoPaint features as a function where it can be called!

6. Embedded Sound. Yes, with embedded sound (WAVE, MIDI, MP3), we can have better synchronization. Currently, when you click a button, it will load the sound effect and play then back. In some cases, a few seconds 'overshot' (sound is heard when next action is activated!).

7. SCRIPTING function. Take the case of the need to create dummy page just to update certain variables on the actual page. It's unprofessional. In fact, I did a workaround before by placing a 'transparent button' outside the page and assigned a button key to activate it. Then use the DOSCommand to execute the NBK project (compiled EXE) with the hotkey commandline. It works when compiled.. but not under environment. But then.. what the heck.. it's so time consuming to do. Having a scripting (something like PROCEDURE/FUNCTION calls) would be ideal.

Of course, HTML...

Arrgh!! There's so many features we can have.. but as the saying goes "To Each His Own"; and we need to differentiate our 'WANTS' and 'NEEDS'. I think it's time NeoSoft needs to enrich their software so that it can be an affordable alternative to Director.


Troy McDonald
Local user
(9/7/99 4:59:31 pm)
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Is this Ronnie Toon, sounds like it. Troy McDonald here and that name better ring a bell. :)

I don't mind if we have an advocate for all of our "wish-list", it's just a matter of ... will it matter to NeoSoftware?

Here is the response I received today for my latest "wish-list":

>Hello Troy,

>Thanks for the additional NeoBook suggestions. Feel free to send more if you
>have them.


>Dave Riley
>NeoSoft Corporation

As you can see it's the traditional "form reply". :)

Troy I sell magazines for a living, so what!? :)

Unregistered User
(9/8/99 9:16:45 am)
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Yes.. the u r on the right track!
Yeah... TAKE NO PRISONER! How many Ronnies you know uses NeoBook; and have emphathise with you and have been a patient listener to your constant grievance!

From the look of it, many of the wishlist are resulted out from frustration over the 'NBK drought/hibernation'; and many of these affected people have resorted to seek alternative s/w to accomplish their immediate tasks. As I've mentioned before, we still love NeoBook but would like to see it matured 'gracefully' into a feature-rich multimedia authoring tool.

BTW, ergonaut's site is gone..mainly due to the staffing problem. I suspect there's more to it than meets the eye. Maybe... maybe they don't have a clear immediate indication on NeoBook's direction and could not make an immediate decision whether to proceed with the resources to develop nGear Pro 3. Or maybe, there are some kind of mutual agreement between ergonaut and NeoSoft to come up with a more solid and impressive NeoBook update. We can never know what's the real reason.. but it would be a total waste if ergonaut simply throw all the fruits of their labor down the drain. They have done a good job, and should continue to do so.


Troy McDonald
Local user
(9/8/99 1:08:51 pm)
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Ergonaut sucks arse!
Ergonaut never got a product done worth using... AND THEY KEPT MY MONEY!!!!!

Had to get that off my chest.

Good to see you around Ronnie. I sell magazines for a living, so what!? :)

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