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(4/22/004:06:51 pm)
All in one package!!!

I don't know if this is news to you or not, but I recently discovered a way to package different file formats in one NeoBook compilation.

What I wanted was a way to run an HTML viewer from within the NeoBook App, and I didn't want to let anybody know which .exe I was using.

My Solution: NeoBook packs sound files and fonts etc within the application and these are extracted when the app starts up. 
In one action line, I simply have the .exe file load as a sound file with the PlaySoundFile action. Since this is an exe file and the prog looks for .wav, the exe is packaged with the app, but it does not run.
Next I simply run the exe with a DosCommand. 
For Optimim results, I run the main app full screen, and place all extracted files in a TEMP directory.

Once the exe file is closed by the user, and the main app is closed, the exe file deletes itself.

I hope this is of some use.


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