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Unregistered User
(2/18/00 1:30:44 pm)
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popup menu colours??
Is there any way to change the colour of a popup menu instead of having grey.

Jim Brammer 
(2/19/00 2:19:41 pm)
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Re: popup menu colours??
That is reliant on the Appearance Settings of Windows. Whatever colors you have set for Windows itself determines what color the menus will appear in NeoBook. 8)

Jim Brammer * *

Unregistered User
(2/19/00 3:10:13 pm)
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menu colours
yes thanks, Neosoftware have also repsonded with the same answer. I was hoping that I could write a little batch file which on startup of the program would change win.ini menu settings. When the user exits the another batch file would change the setting back to the original ones.

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