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Unregistered User
(5/2/00 6:51:05 am)
How do you read the hard drive serial number?
Jim Brammer
(5/2/00 7:14:02 am)
Re: how?
If you type VOL at the DOS prompt it should tell you what the serial number is for that drive. You could wedge it over to a text file to keep track of it with your NeoBook app...

In a BAT file...
VOL > myfilename.txt

Would show this...

Volume in drive C is Vol_Name
Volume Serial Number is 13F5-129E

You could then read line 3 of this file...

FileRead "C:\myfilename.txt" "3" "[line]"
SubStr "[line]" "25" "99" "[hdd_sn]"

If there's a better way to do it, let us know! =)

Jim Brammer * *

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