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Local user
(10/7/99 2:00:07 pm)
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A Message from NeoSoft Corp.
It was recently suggested that we should check out the NeoDezign message board. We did and were saddened to see that some people felt that they were not being heard, even when their e-mails were answered. We would very much like you to know that your suggestions ARE being heard, and they are very much appreciated. We understand that an update to NeoBook is not being released as soon as many would like. However, we would ask that you keep the following in mind:

1) We are a small but persistent company. We have one programmer and 3 support staff. What we lack in size we make up for in tenacity. We also strive to provide friendly and prompt customer service and sales, which includes answering tech questions far more quickly than many larger companies (if they answer at all). We decided a long time ago to run the company ethically and to treat customers as we would like to be treated - with consideration and appreciation of their support. In turn, many of our customers have let us know that they enjoyed talking with our staff and appreciate the care with which we create and sell our software. After all, that's what it's all about.

2) Some people have expressed a strong desire for an update to NeoBook Professional for Windows. We would like to release a new version as soon as possible, but again, we are a small company. As any of you who have programmed from scratch can attest to, programming takes A LOT of time. We will continue to update NeoBook Professional for Windows. It would happen faster if we were a large company with a stable full of programmers, but we have just one very dedicated programmer and we'll do the best we can.

3)Please keep in mind that as passionate as some of NeoBook users are, there are NeoPaint for DOS users who are equally passionate about a Windows version. NeoPaint for Windows took over a year to create and the responses from many people who have already upgraded NeoPaint and those who have found NeoPaint for Windows for the first time have been extremely positive and rewarding. We will strive to provide the best we can for both NeoPaint and NeoBook users.

We hope to release an update to NeoBook Professional for Windows during the first quarter of 2000. The update will incorporate many of the suggestions that NeoBook users have requested. Of course, no program can include every suggestion as well as get smaller. However, we do value the input from users of NeoBook. Thank you for your continued support. It is appreciated!

Best wishes,
Dave and the staff at NeoSoft, Corp.

Local user
(10/9/99 3:06:50 am)
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Thanks for the mail...

Thanks for the assurance mail. It's great to know that given the tight time schedule and the high demand from existing loyal customers to release a NBK upgrade ASAP, you have taken some spare time to write this mail.

I believe deep down inside our hearts, we all love NeoBook, and would not want it to be a forgotten software too soon. With many new software being released, and existing ones being upgraded - there are many new features that are just too.. compelling and irresistible.. and on one hand, we like to 'venture' out; and on the other; we still feel reluctant to relearn a new tool because we believe, and still believe, we can still use NeoBook to produce similar projects with similar results.

Deep inside, we also know that time is always not on our side when it comes to tight schedule for projects, etc. And it takes even longer time to test the project to ensure it's bug-free and time taken for compatibility testing to ensure no hiccups, etc. I believe many users understand, although they wouldn't want to admit it.. maybe becos time is not on their side.. and they need to use NeoBook to do the stuff fast..

Anyway, it's heartening.. and hope you'll be adding more solid stuff and impress us even further with the upgrade. You'll still have my support and continuing interest....


Local user
(10/9/99 8:39:20 pm)
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Re: A Message from NeoSoft Corp.
Hi Dave,

Thanks for providing an "official" word. It definitely answered some questions that I had been wondering about. I must congratulate you for producing such a fine program with a single programmer!!!

Like Ronnie, I love NeoBook for Windows and have been using it since I first discovered it in 1997. I am also overjoyed that NeoSoft plans to release an update. I am glad that NeoBook is a survivor in the multimedia authoring market. I can think of a lot of authoring programs that are no longer around or just barelying hanging on, like Innovus Multimedia, MBed, Click and Create (yes, IMSI has purchased Click and Create from Corel and renamed it "Multimedia Fusion," but IMSI doesn't seem like the type of company that plans to provide regular updates).

I am a multimedia and web developer for a large health care company and have access to several authoring tools, including Director and Authorware, and almost always use NeoBook to create local network and CD-ROM-based CBT courseware. My boss doesn't have a clue that I am using a $200 program to create training courses for several hundred field nurses. I don't have any plans to tell him either. You could make my life easier by adding ODBC support, but my current method of writing to an ASCI text file and then importing it into SQL Server works fine.

I am glad that you recognize that NeoBook has a passionate user base. Considering that there hasn't been an update to the program since July 1998, I am amazed to see the amount of traffic on this message board. For a 2 year old program, NeoBook has aged very nicely. Most multimedia programs lack support for radio buttons and check boxes that I need for CBT, but as others have pointed out, the competition is gaining ground.

Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing the new version of NeoBook for Windows (maybe NeoBook 4.0?).

Best Regards,


Dean Potter 
Global user
(11/7/99 10:07:00 pm)
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Re: A Message from NeoSoft Corp.
Dave: I too look forward to a much needed update to Neobook. Thanks for the info.

Steve: As A Professional Multimedia & Web Developer, I can assure you that 'Multimedia Fusion' has it's place in the Authoring world, in particular for small scale games development (althought Ronnie has shown that simple games can be made in Neobook too!). IMSI may have some cheap policies, but if you have kept abrest of the situation in the users & developers forum in the MMF community, you will see that the Clickteam (, the developers of MMF) are dedicated to developing the tool for it's niched market.

A lot of the bad rap C&C got in the old days has been changed.

Director is different from Neobook, as different as Scala MM200 & Multimedia Fusion, as Illuminatus & Mediator Pro... etc.

They are now trying to integrate a hardware accelerated 3D engine into it now, and use javascript as a scripting tool... neat!

Anyways, as you can tell I also love MMF, and have made quite a bit of money out of it, but I also use Neobook for my CD Autorun programs primarily, mostly becase of its stability, clean profiled runtime and system checking options.

I hope to use it for more than that when the upgrade is done next year.

Hehe, I want it yesterday :)

Dean Potter
New Media & Internet Developer

Television Education Network
...Knowledge Providers to the Information Economy...

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