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Troy McDonald
Local user
(10/22/99 1:36:40 am)
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Is there a way to print one text file, then another and then another, all at once without having to have the printer setup box come up with each file?


Jim Brammer 
(10/22/99 10:40:39 pm)
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Re: Printing...
You can start your publication executable with "/B" to bypass printer dialogs...

"MyPub.EXE /B"

And/Or, go under Book Setup - Access Control *

Troy McDonald
Local user
(10/22/99 11:10:22 pm)
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Thanks Jim,

But I want the dialog box to pop up initially, but I just need to be able to tell NeoBook which text files to send to the printer.


Jim Brammer 
(10/23/99 8:40:33 am)
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Printing Cont'd
With the "Display Windows Print Setup Screen for All Print Actions" turned off you can still access the windows Print Setup dialog by using the PrintSetup action command like this...

PrintSetup "[Print]"
If "[Print]" "=" "True"
PrintPage "Page1"   
PrintPage "Page2"
PrintPage "Page3"

The PrintSetup action is found under the Advanced action command tab.

Jim Brammer * *

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