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bandwidth Junkie 
Global user
(11/23/99 12:48:22 pm)
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Multithread Options
Is is possible to get neobook, to perform 2 actions at the same time ?

Also is it possible to get an action to run at certain time intervals - for example , polling a file to check whether there are any change ?


Jim Brammer 
(11/24/99 7:32:58 am)
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Re: Multithread Options
Sure, you can do that! I'm not too sure about the "multi-thread" thing but here's a quick & dirty scheduled event

First, have the user select a scheduled time for the event. FileWrite that info to a data file. Then read it...

FileRead "[PubDir]schedtime.cfg" "1" "schedtime"
While "[schedtime]" "<>" "[Time]"

.this line never encountered until [Time] = [schedtime]
DOSCommand "whatever.exe" "" "Normal+RunOnce"

Jim Brammer * *

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