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Refreshing Variables : Problems & Workarounds

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Dealing with Problems in Refreshing Variables...

First, download this example PUB :

Have a look at the problems posed on the "Data 1" page. On some of the objects the new variable lays on top of the previous variable value causing an unsightly text display.

One workaround is to reset the vars by using a 'dummy' copy of the page to refresh the first page.

The other workaround I show here (and in my opinion the better solution to the problem) is on the 'Data 2' page. Each object that does not refresh properly gets its text color set to the same as the background color making it invisible. A new, visibly colored Title Text object containing the var is placed on top of the invisible text. The result is a quickly updated, flicker-free variable display...

If anyone has other suggestions, solutions or workarounds on this issue please post them on the message board or mail them to me directly. Thanx!