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Hello Again Jim,
Thanks for the idea for the variable menu. I like it! I'll see if it can be added to the update.
Dave Riley

Subject:       idea...
    Date:       Fri, 26 May 2000 07:38:02 -0500
    From:       Jim Brammer <>
       To:       "" <>

I had an idea that I thought you might be interested in...

In the editor it would be cool if some of the action command functions could present the user with menus for the User variables currently used in the PUB and also another tab for the Global variables. Might look like the pics below... (sorry for the large e-mail)

The menu would show User Variables currently used in the PUB
or the user could select from the Global Vars menu tab...

If "[X]" "<=" "[Z]"

I don't know if this is possible or not but it would be really slick. Almost like VB when popup menus appear as you're coding. Personally, I think they're sometimes annoying in VB but in this case, the Vars menu only appears when the drop-down is clicked allowing the user the option to script normally. The menu might also prevent syntax errors and save time when people (like me) forget their variable names. (e.g. [FileName] vs. [File_Name] )

I know you're probably trying to wrap-up the latest version of NeoBook. Wouldn't expect you to get this into the new version even if it is possible. Just thought it might be useful sometime down the road.

Jim Brammer