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for NeoBook for Windows
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. HTML Wrapper for NeoBook will read-in an existing web page and write-out a NeoBook ready FileWrite script. This can be used to make a NeoBook application that takes user information and inserts that info into a web page!

The HTML Wrapper saves a great deal of time converting HTML into NeoBook usable FileWrite script. If you've ever done this by-hand then you know, it's a painstaking, time consuming task. The HTML Wrapper can do it for you in mere seconds!!

HTML Wrapper Updated!

Fixed the TitleBar (how embarrassing!)

The Wrapper always had the ability to Find and Replace
double-quotations with single-quotations during the wrap 
process. Added facilities to modify the characters that are
Searched and Replaced. *Please note, however, it is 
imperative that double-quotes be removed from the 
source file so as to not interfere with NeoBooks
expected syntax delimiter!

Just make a web page complete with embedded NeoBook [variable] names that you want to insert into the web page later with your program...

Select the web page file that you want to wrap in NeoBook commands...

Enter a path and filename to direct the script to. Variable names are allowed for added flexibility in your program.

<title>My Home Page</title>
<body bgcolor="#FFFFFF">


FileWrite "[PubDir]index.htm" "Append" "<title>[title_var]</title>"
FileWrite "[PubDir]index.htm" "Append" "</head>"
FileWrite "[PubDir]index.htm" "Append" "<body text='#000000'>"

All "Quotation" marks in the web page are automatically replaced with 'apostrophies' so as to not confuse the NeoBook Script Editor and prevents syntax errors.

After the Wrapping has completed, paste the resulting script into your Script Editor and you're ready-to-run!!

Download HTML Wrapper