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Grafx Pax
Tips & Trix


The reason we're all here... NeoSoft!

  • NBK Power
    • "a resource place where you can learn and share the power to create NeoBook publications easily, better and quickly, beyond the limits of your imagination."
  • NeoBASIC
    • DOS die hard! iGui Cut & Paste Interface For NeoBook DOS


Programming Resources

  • NeoSecure
    • A Software/Server-Side Verification System to Protect Against Unauthorized Distribution and Piracy of Software and Proprietary Content!
  • Armadillo
    • Powerful software protection system that protects your programs from cracks and hacks with state-of-the-art encryption, data compression, time limits and other security features
  • G.D.G. Software
    • Paquet Builder : "Powerful and enhanced development tool which allows you to create single complete custom Self-Extracting, Self-Installing Zip Packages and standard Zip Archives."

    • ...and it's FREEWARE
    • HTML Executable : "Package and compress your web sites, pages and related files into single Self-Extracting Executable files or even Web-Viewer Executable files."

    • ...and it's FREEWARE

Sound, Video & Graphics Resources

    • Fast Movie Processor : Can convert animated GIFs into AVI and much more. 11 file formats supported. 

    • Shareware, free for non commercial use
    • Mpeg2Avi : Like it's namesake this utility converts MPEG-1 video to AVI file format. It operates from the DOS commandline but is still simple to use.

    • Freeware
  • JASC
    • Paint Shop Pro : PSP has bloomed into a fullblown powerhouse image editing program ranking right up there with Adobe PhotoShop. The difference? It's *much* easier to use! With PSP you'll spend more time creating and less time learning to use the program! Cheaper too... lots cheaper.