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 A Lot of CARz!
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The CAR Show Utility PUB 
  • With the revival of the CAR animated image file format (thanks to NeoPaint for Windows and the GIF > CAR conversion feature) I found myself painstakingly viewing CAR files one by one either in NeoBook directly or using NeoToon. Both were slow in that there were too many steps involved in selecting a CAR, then viewing it on both a black and white background.



    CAR Show is a simple CAR viewer utility PUB that will let you easily select a CAR file from a menu and then view it on both white and black backgrounds.

    You are provided with a button to delete the current CAR and another button to copy the CAR path and file to the Windows ClipBoard so that you can easily paste that CAR into your publication! The menu-list of CAR files is easy to update as you add to your CAR collection. (5.5KB)

A Lot of CARz

"102 CARz to be exact!" 
"Get 'em now 'cause they're moving fast!"

  • The files in this ZIP are CARtoon animations for use with NeoBook for Windows. Some are of my own dezign but most were animated GIFs that I found on the web* and converted into CAR files using NeoPaint for Windows.
* To the best of my knowledge the animated GIFs in this archive were in the Public Domain. If it is found that some of these images are not FREE to the public please notify me and they will be removed from the archive without hesitation.

Download Now! (1,027KB) (1,075KB) (1,186KB)