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the Debugger : "out of sight - out of mind"

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Here's the scenerio... You've been scripting along quite nicely. You check and double-check your coding. You hit the Run button... and nothing happens! You check and triple-check your code. "Hmm... eveything seems in order. What am I doing wrong?"

It is sometimes easy to forget the tools available to you if they aren't right there in your face. NeoBook has a Debugging utility to make you - your first line of technical support!

The Debug Info utility is a dialog box that tracks all the commands and variables in your PUB and displays them as they are enacted. Using the Dubugger you can easily see what variables are currently in use and what data is contained within. 

If you see that your variable has no data or, different data than you expected then you can more easily determine what the culprit is and how to fix it.

Once you get in the habit of using the Debugger you'll wonder how you lived without it!