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Using Special Characters in NeoBook

As you know, NeoBook requires action parameters to be surrounded by "double quotes" and variables to be placed inside [brackets]. This makes it easy to write and understand NeoBook action scripts, but impossible to display one of those characters as part of a button title or write them to a data file. With NeoBook 3.2 you can overcome this limitation using a special variable that lets you specify characters using their ASCII codes. For example, the quote character is ASCII #34, which you would specify in NeoBook as [#34]. The # symbol tells NeoBook that this variable represents an ASCII character. Using this feature within an action command would look like this:

AlertBox "Hello" "Look [#34]quotes.[#34]"

Other special characters and their ASCII values include:

 " #34
 [ #91
 ] #93
 | #124
 { #123
 } #125

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