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Make a History for your NeoBook Publication

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I would like share with you and other Neobookers a little tip.

Did you know that other authoring programs have a "History" command? The user can move back through the visited pages in the presentation. While NeoBook doesn't have this feature, it may be emulated.

In the first page of a PUB: 

FileWrite "History.txt" "Append" "[PageTitle]"

To repeat this command throughout the entire PUB, you can set the check-box "Copy to All Pages"   For a new PUB you can insert 10 or 100 pages all with this statement in.

CAUTION! This action ("Copy to All Pages") will substitute any other action you already have in your pages!  (It would be a good idea for the new version of Neobook solve this problem).

In a button you have to insert this script:

FileRead "History.txt" "All" "[Items]"
MenuEx "431" "261" "[Items]" "[Row]"
If "[Row]" "<>" "0"
FileRead "History.txt" "[Row]" "[Title]"
GotoPage "[Title]"

(This could be placed in the Master Page so that you only need to create it once)

Consider this:

  • All your pages must have a title (otherwise the user will see only a page number and this is not too meaningful)
  • You have to erase the old History.txt file in the action of the first page of the PUB, so you always have a freshly created history. 

If you prefer that the user can visit some pages only one time, erase the action FileWrite "History.txt" "Append" "[PageTitle]" in those pages.

Dear Jim, I hope I explained this well and if you think it is a good tip, please translate it into good English.

Bye (but we say "ciao")

Licia Priami

This Tip Created and Submitted by Licia Priami.
Thu, Nov 25, 1999
edited by Jim Brammer