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Theme sets for NeoBook Electronic Book Publications
created by jim brammer

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NeoDezign NeoSets are Theme sets for NeoBook Electronic Book Publications. 45 different sets include hi-color background images, matching buttons, and some even include sounds that compliment the theme.

About the Program

  • All background images are 640x480 hi-color or 256 color images. 
  • Each set has the common navigation buttonz, (<back - home - next> and exit), as well as blank buttonz that you can customize with a photo editor program. Or, simply use the NeoBook Button Text to lay text over the blank button images. Each button is a set in itself with Normal, Pushed and some with Mouse Over images!
  • Each theme has a ready-made .PUB file to get you started right away.
  • There are 45 NeoSets in all...
and they're all FREE

Using the Program

  • Press the Thumbnail Picture Button and NeoSets will display a pop-up preview of the selected NeoSet.
  • Once you have decided on a set select it with the Option button 
  • Tell NeoSets where you want to build your Publication. Press the folder button  and select a Destination folder from the Browse dialog.
  • Press the Save button and NeoSets will create the files ready for you to use with NeoBook.
  • Now, run NeoBook and Open the sample PUB and you're ready to create!

Downloading the Program

  • NeoSets is very grafix intensive, obviously. As a result, it is a rather large download. 


14,762 KB
(approx. 1hr 45min download @ 28.8)

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