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Fix problems opening PUBz from Windows Explorer
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It has been described that some of the free sample PUBz offered here do not open gracefully via a double-click from Windows Explorer... If you have this problem, it is actually a problem with Windows and the PUB file type. You can fix it. Read on. 

A PUB that contains items that have long filenames with spaces in them cause errors when attempting to load the PUB from Windows Explorer. An image named "next button" will be read as only "next" and NeoBook will display an error to this affect.

Actually, this is not a problem with NeoBook nor the PUB. It is however, a simple and quite cureable problem with the PUB file type registered with Windows.

If your system exhibits the these "anamolies" follow the step by step procedure shown below.

  • Open My Computer.
  • From the menubar select View > Options...
  • From the Options dialog select the File Types tab
  • In the list scroll down and select PUB File then press the Edit button
  • In the Edit File Type dialog box select the Action: open then press the Edit button.
  • The Editing action for type: PUB File appears. 
  • The Application used to perform action: edit box shows the path to NeoBook.exe. Make sure that the path is enclosed in quotes.
    • Ex. "C:\Program Files\NeoBook for Windows\NeoBook.exe"
  • After the NeoBook path enter %1 again, enclosed in quotes.
    • Ex. "%1"
  • The whole commandline might look like the example shown below
"C:\Program Files\NeoBook for Windows\NeoBook.exe" "%1"
  • Press the OK button here and all the previous dialogs.

Thats' it! 
You should now be able to open 
your PUBz from Windows Explorer 
without problems...