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Using Special Characters

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Using Special Characters in NeoBook

As you probably already know, NeoBook reserves certain characters for use in Action Command Scripting. All actions are wrapped in "quotes" and variables are wrapped with [brackets]. 

There may be some instances where you need to use quotes and brackets inside your variables or other page objects. When this need arises you'll be presented with an error dialog when the PUB is run stating that you are using improper syntax.

To use these special characters in your scripting, but at the same time, avoid syntax error you can use the ASCII value of these characters. NeoBook will recognize the value and convert it to the actual character for display in your PUB.

For example, the quote character is ASCII #34, which you would specify in NeoBook as [#34]. The # symbol tells NeoBook that this variable represents an ASCII character. Using this feature within an action command would look like this:

AlertBox "Hello" "Look [#34]quotes.[#34]"

Other special characters and their ASCII values include:

 " #34
 [ #91
 ] #93
 | #124
 { #123
 } #125

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