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Programming - Scripting - Functions
  • More Comprehensive Scripting and Commands eliminating the need for s-l-o-w external add-ons. (this is one of the most popular suggestions)
  • Database functions (another popular suggestion)
  • More Tools in the ToolBox :
    • ListBox
    • Combo box
    • Tree View menuing tool
    • Spin Control
    • Slider Controls (Verticle and Horizontal w/option to link to system volume and L/R balance)
    • Tabbed Dialogs
    • 3D Frame and Panel objects
  • Command to Alpha-Numerically Sort external ascii text files
  • Basic charting facilities like PIE, BAR, LINE... so that NBK can be used to design interactive quizzes, and the charts would be useful as visual components for the answers
  • Ability to control print graphics. (For creation of crossword puzzles, calendars, graphs, stats, etc.)
  • Under "Book Setup" an option for regular Windows Style Buttons and Windows Style Dialogs
  • Under "Book Setup" the ability to disable/enable the Minimize/Restore/Exit buttons on the Titlebar.
  • Under Book Setup / Access Control we have "Pub floats on top of other applications". I would also like to see an option that can "Run Pub behind all other applications" while in full-screen mode. This would be useful for making custom shell replacements / app launching platforms.
  • Ability to create Branching Menus
  • Ability to access external .DLL's, OCX's and Windows API functions.
  • An Action Command selection for CD Audio Player. *poof!* CD Player controls appear in the book. Each button being blank allowing the author to add custom graphics to each button.
  • Action Command for Dialogs: From the "Define Dialog" box that appears could be selections for OpenFile, OpenImageFile(image preview window), SaveFile, BrowseFolder, FontSelect, ColorSelect, etc., etc...
  • OnQuit function: Detect when the [X] button is used to exit the program and ability to execute actions on this event.
  • Action Command for "AskPassword". Would present the user a TextEntry dialog that would echo only "*" astrisks. Would also read and write the encrypted password to and from an external file.
  • Action Command for 'Mouse-Over', 'Mouse-Down' and 'Mouse-Up'. Could be used for displaying pop-up images on Mouse-Over and short sounds on Mouse-Down. 
  • Free form buttons, windows and dialogs. Irregular shaped hot-spot and windows.
  • Truly sizable windows - without scrollbars.
  • Under Page Attributes - Option buttons to designate some pages as 'Parent' windows and others as 'Child' windows. This would be handy for making a Parent application that consists of x number of pages that are the main application window and all the Child windows could be used as pop-up custom dialogs.
    • All new pages created with the Parent option would use the same window size settings. (If my first Parent was 500x400 then, all new Parents would use 500x400)
    • New pages created with the Child option could have unique sizes. (Child1=320x200, Child2=100x200, etc.) An additional setting for a Child to make it "Stay On Top" of the Parent. 
  • INIRead & INIWrite to create and use private .INI files.
  • Execute external script files. RunScript and RunScriptSection
  • Modular Scripting: A page devoted to scripts. Each section or routine in this page would be labeled. Calls to these labeled subroutines could be made from anywhere in the pub without leaving the current page. (GOSUB/RETURN)
  • Registry Functions
  • Action Command: "ShortcutCreate" to create Shortcuts. 
  • Directory, (Folder), management. FolderDelete, FolderCreate, FolderExist, FolderRename, FolderList (create a list of folders of a given drive/path).
  • More File management. FileAttrib(get/set file attributes). Add to FileExist the ability to scan the DOS Path and/or entire drive(s). FileCompare, FileExt (get the extension of a file). FileList (create a list of files in a given folder). FileSize, FileTime(get/set)
  • A more customizable, "wizard-style", Setup Compiler that could compress other files that would accompany the executable such as external .DLL's, Readme.txt files and Help files. Also, the ability to add custom text and bitmaps to the Setup splash screen and wizard dialogs.
  • Secure software packing as in "Armadillo".
  • Built in ability to detect an already running instance of a Neo-app.
  • Action Command: "WinAppearance" Ability to change the Wallpaper, Screensaver, Colors, Desktop Icons, etc... 

  • Also, with the same motive in mind, the ability to view image.SYS files. Logo.SYS, logow.SYS and logos.SYS. They are BMP files anyway... 
  • (String) Find/Replace function. This would allow for finding something in a string, and/or external text file, replaceing it with whatever you choose.
  • Allow ^U[variable]^u to work in TitleText. Right now it won't underline a variable. It probably doesn't do ^B^b either, etc.
  • Smart Compiling - Only save the functions that are needed, thus making compiled pubs. small/tight. 
  • Encrypt/Decrypt function.
    • FileWrite with option of Encryption
    • FileRead with option of Decryption
  • Run In SystemTray Command
    • The resulting "Define SystemTray" dialog would ask for the SystemTray Menu Items.
  • A run time module that would allow many publications to run with the same Neobook engine.  This would save disk space for applications with several sub programs. Related; In the Compiler the ability to create small exe's (without runtime mod) and large exe's (embedded runtime).
  • Ability to load, display, play external files such as text, RTF, sound files, images, animations and videos that are not part of the compiled publication. 
  • Show/Hide Objects in the Action Commands. For example, a button pressed could Show a hidden image object and vice-versa.
  • Kiosk Mode: Disable Windows Key, Ctrl+Alt+Del, Alt+Tab, Ctrl+Esc, etc.
  • Ability to use JAVA Class file applets!
Graphics - Images - Animation
  • Support for Animated GIF and PNG and a means to start and stop the animation.
  • More flexible sprite (CARtoon) animation flight path. Allow variables for X/Y coordinates.
  • Transitions for Individual Objects on a Page such as buttons, text, and images. (Like PowerPoint) Settings for L/R/Up/Dn/Diagonal from corners.
    • Blinds (Horz/Vert)
    • Fly-in
    • Flash
    • Spiral
    • Swivel
    • Scroll 
    • Zoom (In/Out)
    • Peek
    • Stretch
    • Split
    • Wipe
    • etc
  • Additional/Advanced Page Transistions (taking advantage of MMX and higher technology)
    • Rip: If the current page were a piece of paper it could tear in half displaying the next page under it.
    • Melt: The current screen would melt downward like hot wax until next screen is displayed.
    • Organic Wipe: Like wiping the current screen away with a cloth showing the next screen behind it.
    • Rain: Bits of the next screen would drip into the current screen until fully displayed.
    • Paint: Each paintbrush stroke would display more of the next screen
    • Cube Rotate: If the current page were one side of a six-sided cube the cube would rotate into the next screen.
    • Fire: If the current page were a piece of paper it would burn away showing the next page beneath it.
    • Dissentigrate: Pixelate as if to turn to dust and blow-away to black. (Selections for Blow-Away Left or Right)
    • Panel Flip: If the current page were a flat panel it would flip (Up/Dn or L/R) to display the next screen on the other side.
    • Negative Image: Current screen would turn into negative photo then fade to black or white.
    • Page Curl: If the current screen were a page in a book the page would turn to the next page.
    • Shattered Glass: If the current screen were a glass window it would shatter away to reveal the next screen behind it.
    • Puzzle: The next screen would build as puzzle pieces
    • etc.
  • Better transparent/alpha tranparency effect. Also the ability to hand select the color to make transparent.
  • Ability to display and control images and animations with variables. Filenames and X/Y coordinates of these objects could be controlled through variables.
  • Ability to set/change image size with a variable. (A GIF image can then be used to make bar charts, etc.)
  • Support 256 color Icons in compiled Pubs.
  • Ability to have additional video/animation layer. Any object elements (text, graphics, animated gif) can be placed on top of a video layer.. thus video playback may not always have to be rectangle or square. It can comes in off-shapes and sizes!
  • Ability to use JAVA Class files for image effects
  • ScreenCapture / ScreenShow functions. Could be used to capture the desktop, let's say, then show that capture as a background image in a screensaver. CARtoons could be used over the top of that.
  • WaveForm Controls: Open, Play, Record, Save, etc.
  • Text to Speech / Text Reader
  • Multi Layered Sound: Provide a way to play wav music in background and wav sound effects on top of the music. To have two or more sound effects occur simultainiously.
  • MP3 support
    • With the ability to start and stop the MP3 at given index positions. Also/Or the ability to track the current position of a playing MP3. Either could be used to sync NeoBook Pages with to specific positions in the playing MP3. The Syntax might look like...
    • Start/Stop at Position

    • MP3Play "filename" "options" "startposition" "endposition"
        MP3Play "C:\Sounds\MyFile.MP3" "Wait" "60" "180"
    • Track Position

    • MP3Play "filename" "options"
         MP3Play "MyFile.MP3" "Normal"
         While "[currentposition]" "<" "60"
           MP3GetPosition "[currentposition]"
    •    GotoNextPage
  • Embedded Sound. Sounds should be cached, ready for playback instantainiously rather than the 'load-play-unload' routine we have now which results in delayed sound effects.
  • Ability to control Sound Volume with a variable.
    • Action Command: VolFade w/options IN/OUT, FadeLength in milliseconds
  • Ability to control Sound Balance with a variable.
    • Action Command: SoundBal w/options Sweep L/R, SweepLength in milliseconds
  • Fix GPF and Runtime Errors with Screen Savers created with NeoBook. Using the "Settings" button on the Display Properties > Screen Saver tab causes GPF's, sometimes in the USER.EXE module and sometimes in the Kernel. At other times causes Runtime errors. This problem is not an isolated incident. This can be duplicated on any computer.
  • Relative Positioning: Currently, a kiosk done in 800x600 with video clips set at pre-defined X/Y coordinates using MCICommands will display at absolute coordinates if the playback system is set to 1024x768, which means in many cases, the video is shown on the left top. Relative positioning would allow for better alignment of objects on a publication page.
  • Correct the Color Palette Index. When an object is selected and the palette box is opened up, it will highlight the color being used by the object (so you know exactly what color is being used instead of the flashing black that is always selected. Refering to 256 color palette.) (Right now it's hard to figure what exact color/shade you used and you have to try many times to get other objects/text to match that color you chose.)
Other Features and Functions
  • Rich Text Format window 
    • With editing capabilities
    • Refresh text window on demand (If text file is written to, the text file being displayed needs to update to current text.)
    • With Save As HTML feature
  • Internet Functions Without Requiring IE being Installed!
    • HTML window
    • HTTP: ability to retrieve web pages (images and text) from a web server
    • FTP
    • E-mail Send / Receive
    • Support JAVA and JavaScript
    • WebCam support for Internet/Video Conferencing style


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