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Freeware AddOn for NeoBook for Windows©

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Created by Michel Wittmer

neoXpander provides a host of 21 functions that NeoBook© itself lacks. With neoXpander you can easily implement powerful functions like open/save file requester, show external bitmaps and many more.

neoXpander is the fastest AddOn for NeoBook on the market!

neoXpander is freeware, this means you can use and distribute it in your NeoBook applications without royalty payments of any kind.

Please note that neoXpander is a mix of MW-Plus and MW-Dialog in addition to some new functions. Following is a short list of the functions: 

about - shows the program version and copyright info
dialog- opens a custom about dialog
ddecom- communicate with another neobook app
edit - show a text edit box 
filesize- show the size of a file
input - shows a input dialog
listbox- shows a list of custom file types in a custom path
mkdir- makes a directory
opendir- show a directory requester
openfile- show a loadfile requester
readini- read a value from a ini-file
rmdir- remove a empty directory
restartwin - restart windows
savefile- show a savefile requester
showbmp- show a external bitmap
writeini- write a value to a ini-file

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