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Add an Edit PUB Source Context Menu
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In a previous tip I demonstrated how to create an open context menu selection for a right-click mouse selection of a PUB file from Windows Explorer. In this tip I'll show you how to add an Edit PUB Source selection to the same right-click action. 

The Edit PUB Source selection will open the PUB file in WordPad so that you can edit the source code as needed.

  • Open My Computer.
  • From the menubar select View > Options...

  • From the Options dialog select the File Types tab
  • In the list scroll down and select PUB File then press the Edit button

  • In the Edit File Type dialog box press the New button.


  • Action: is the text that will appear in the right-click menu. Type in "Edit PUB Source"
  • In the Application used to perform action: edit box type in the full path to write.exe enclosed in quotes. Follow this with "%1%"
    • Ex. "C:\Windows\Write.exe" "%1%"
  • Press the OK button here and all the previous dialogs.

Now, you should now be able to right-click 
your PUBz from Windows Explorer 

and select Edit PUB Source...

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